Tips and Tricks

This page explains a few useful features of the Flatpak CLI.

Testing an app with a different runtime

You can (for testing) run an application with a different runtime than it typically uses. For instance, to run stable gedit with the latest unstable gnome runtime you can do:

$ flatpak run --runtime-version=master org.gnome.gedit

You can also use a completely different runtime (but same version number):

$ flatpak run --runtime=org.gnome.Sdk org.gnome.gedit

If you just want to use the sdk instead of the platform like the above, a better approach is to use -d.


Running against a runtime with a completely different ABI is undefined and unsupported behavior.


It is possible to downgrade an installed application (or runtime) to an older build.

First you look for the commit you are interested in:

$ flatpak remote-info --log flathub org.gnome.Recipes

Then you deploy the commit:

$ sudo flatpak update \
  --commit=ec07ad6c54e803d1428e5580426a41315e50a14376af033458e7a65bfb2b64f0 \

Note that currently it’s not possible to pin an app to a commit, so if your flatpaks are updated either manually or automatically, the downgraded app will be included in the updates. See